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Nakamichi N-T37 1.18" (30mm) 12W/120W Titanium V.C. Silk Dome Tweeter

Specifications Tweeter Size: 1.18" (30mm) RMS : 12W Peak Power : 120W Impedance:..

RM199.00 Ex Tax: RM199.00

Nakamichi NBF10.0A 10" (25.4cm) Dual Port Active 150W/1500W Active Subwoofer

Specifications Subwoofer Size: 10" (25.4cm) N-Power: 150 watts Peak Power: 1500 ..

RM728.00 Ex Tax: RM728.00

NAKAMICHI NBF100A 10" (25.4cm) 4 Way Active Powered Subwoofer 180W RMS

Nakamichi NBF100A 10" (25.4cm) 4 Way Active Powered Subwoofer 180W RMS   FEATURE..

RM1,396.00 Ex Tax: RM1,396.00

Nakamichi NBF8.0A 8" (20cm) Dual Port Active 110W/1500W Active Subwoofer

Specifications Subwoofer Size: 8" (20cm) N-Power: 100 watts Peak Power: 1100 wat..

RM628.00 Ex Tax: RM628.00

Nakamichi NS-QT25 1" (25mm) V.C Silk Dome 20W/160W Tweeter

Specifications Tweeter Size: 1" (25mm) RMS : 20W Peak Power : 160W Impedance: 4 ..

RM428.00 Ex Tax: RM428.00

Nakamichi NS-QT65 1" (25.5mm) KSV 20W/200W Tweeter Speaker

Specifications Type: 25.5mm KSV Tweeter System N-Power: 20W Peak Power: 200W Imp..

RM248.00 Ex Tax: RM248.00

NAKAMICHI NS-W125 12" N-Series Rich Bass SVC Subwoofer 250W RMS (1 Pc)

Technical specificationsNominal Diameter 12 inch Mounting Depth 5.0 inch Rated..

RM595.00 Ex Tax: RM595.00

NAKAMICHI NS-W128 12" N-Series Rich Bass DVC Subwoofer 250W RMS (1 Pc)

SPECIFICATIONS/Enclosure RecommendationsNominal Size 12" RMS Power Handling 25..

RM745.00 Ex Tax: RM745.00

Nakamichi SP-T13 13mm 10W/100W KSV PEI Cone Tweeter System

Specifications Tweeter Size: 0.5" (13mm) N-Power: 10 W Peak Power: 100 W Impedan..

RM125.00 Ex Tax: RM125.00


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