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Brand: 12VOLTS
Usage: Power 300/500VConductor: Oxygen Free CopperStranding: 28 x 0.257mmJacket: PVCAvailable in Red and Black colors...
Brand: Audiolab
AL-126RY 12V to 6V Step Down Relay for Car Camera   For car camera installations and modifications that require a 12V to 6V step down...
Brand: SmartStar
Bought a Japanese import and can't use the radio?   When buying import vehicles, you sometimes get it with a JDM head unit. This usually causes problems in a few ways, the language is only in Japanese and also the FM frequency is only limited to Japanese bands. We can't really sort the langu..
Brand: 12VOLTS
Features:Non-drying, non-hardening synthetic rubber-based butyl sealant.Permanent sealing properties and water-resistant.High viscosity, high elasticity and high-density.Prevent leakage, corrosion, deformation, vibration, weather and aging.Non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, easy to use.It is suit..
Brand: 12VOLTS
This velcro is self-adhesive on both the hook-side and loop-side. For maximum adhesion strength, use the tape after 24 hours of applying it on the surface.You can use this velcro tape on your car audio projects, home furnishing projects and even handcraft projects.The velcro adhesive works best on ..
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