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DSP Accessories

Brand: Alpine
FeaturesAdjust the total volume ( 0~35)Select the main audio source (High level, Bluetooth, Low level)Select auxiliary audio source ( High level, Bletooth, Low level) Adjust the bass volume (0~15)Recall 6 sets of preset sound effect data..
Brand: Alpine
The RUX-C810 Controller is required for stand-alone operation of the HDP-D90 (if the HDS-990 is not used). It allows basic operation of the DSP amplifier, such as volume control, source selection, pre-set selection, etc.The controller is very compact and can be easily installed anywhere in the dash-..
Brand: 12VOLTS
Our Plug-and-Play DSP wire harnesses allow you to easily connect aftermarket Digital Sound Processors (DSP) to your vehicles without cutting any wires or tapping into your vehicle electrical system. Honda Type A Honda Type B Honda Type C ..
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