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23 Aug Retain Steering Wheel Control when installing Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony and other head units
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First off, this is not a how to video. If you wish to see more of the install, you can check out our other video here this video we briefly show the butto..
25 Jan Honda HRV XRV Vezel Stereo Head Unit Removal | Car buka player Honda HRV Vezel
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Hope this video helps those who want to know how to remove the Honda HR-V stereo head unit...
20 Jan Netflix on Kenwood DDX918WS
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Thanks to Sonny for sharing this with us and showing that Netflix works on the Kenwood. ..
13 Jun Soundproofing Materials and Installation Service
05 May Toyota Supra MK4 A80 Pioneer SPH-C10BT Single DIN install
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Lucky to have worked on this legendary car. Admittedly we spent half the time just looking at every inch of the car.   ..
23 Apr Honda Civic FD Blaupunkt XLF180A Underseat Subwoofer Install
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  Installed the Blaupunkt XLF180A Active Subwoofer in the Honda Civic FD a while back. Pretty impressed at the outcome. Very decent performance from a compact subwoofer. The unit came with all the..
13 Jan Best 5 Car Subwoofers With A Built-in Amp
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  As one of the premier auto accessory suppliers in Malaysia, we're excited to offer the top brands of pre-loaded subwoofers.   A high-end powered subwoofer can get close to the sound quality of ..
04 Jan Choosing the right Dash Cam for your car - 2020
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A dash cam is probably the smartest investment you can make for your car. You never really need one, until you wish you had one. So best be on the safe side and get one before you need it. But where..
08 Oct Nissan Almera N17 Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT Head Unit Install
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    Installation of the Pioneer into the Nissan Almera N17 is pretty straightforward as the factory head unit is a standard 2 DIN size. The only additional accessories needed were the head unit ha..
26 Jul Pioneer SPH-C10BT Installed in the Perodua Kenari
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This customer is a big K Car fan and is in the midst of  converting his car to full on JDM style. He is really quite far along with most of the parts already swapped for JDM ones. Even his entire dash..
25 Jun JVC KD-X462BT installed in a Proton Saga FL (2nd Gen Face Lift)
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  This customer did his research and decided that the JVC KD-X462BT would suit his needs as well as his budget. Se he decided to get it installed in his Proton Saga FL (Saga 2nd Generation Face Lif..
17 May Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT Perodua Myvi Advance 3rd Gen Install
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  This week we had a chance to work on Hakim's Perodua Myvi Advance. He wasn't satisfied of the factory head unit and wanted more features and better sound quality from his head unit. After some re..
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