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04 Oct Vehnthan's Honda Civic Teyes CC3 and AHD Cam Install | Running Hondata ECU with App Display
admin 0 58
Finally we get to see  our regular customers Honda Civic. We had worked on his other cars before but this was the first time seeing the Civic. What a beauty. Definitely a lot of passion has gone into ..
24 Aug Mitsubishi Triton Teyes CC3
admin 0 74
Some footage I managed to capture while installing the Teyes CC3 into the Mitsubishi Triton. Apologies for not getting a shot of the final install...
19 Aug Volkswagen Golf R32 MK5 Kenwood DMX8020S install
admin 0 93
Just some clips from installing the Kenwood DMX8020S into the VW Golf. ..
12 Aug Honda HR-V Teyes CC3 Install
admin 0 124
Some photos from our past install. Installation of the Teyes CC3 into the High Spec HR-V is pretty straight forward. We do recommend this as you can retain the lane watch and rear cameras without hass..
30 Jul Toyota Vios 2nd Gen XP90 | SONY XAV-AX8000 | Vios Radio Replacement
admin 0 100
Another one from some time back. Installing the Sony XAV-AX8000 with 8.95" Display and Apple CarPlay/AndroidAuto in the Toyota Vios...
09 Jul Toyota Camry ACV40 Kenwood DMX820WS Blaupunkt RC TY 1.0
admin 0 153
Another short video from sometime back. This time installed the Kenwood DMX820WS into the Toyota Camry ACV40. This model is great as it comes with Toyota plugs, so installation was a tad bit easier...
02 Jul Acson Malaysia Nissan NV200 Panel Van GoTrec Z150 dash cam install
admin 0 144
Just a short clip of some footage while we were installing the GoTrec Z150 dash cam awhile back. Install was into the Nissan NV200 panel van from Acson Malaysia. ..
25 Jun Perodua Myvi G3 Infinity Alpha Speakers install
admin 0 177
Owner of this car is a true car enthusiast, judging by his instagram page. he came to us to install the Infinity Alpha speakers awhile ago. Recently he came back looking to replace the rear speakers t..
17 Jun Toyota Innova Teyes CC3, Alpine S-Series speakers, Audiobank amplifier  & Nakamichi active subwoofer
admin 0 151
Did this install awhile back. The Teyes CC3 fits just right with the correct dash kit. We also installed the Audiobank amplifier, Alpine S-S65C speakers and also the Nakmichi active subwoofer ..
11 Jun Perodua Bezza 2020 Teyes CC3 Android Head Unit install
admin 0 213
Installed the Teyes CC3 into the Perodua Bezza 2020. This install was challenging in terms of the dash kit needed. We had to go through 3 dash kits to finally end up with the one that fits the best. I..
08 Jun Perodua Myvi 1st Gen Kenwood DMX8020S, Alpine S-Series Speakers, Pioneer TS-WX130DA Active Subwoofer
admin 0 180
Freshened up this Perodua Myvi with some audio upgrades.The Kenwood DMX8020S add so much usability to the stereo system now. Waze, Spotify, Messaging can all now be accessed via Apple Carplay and Andr..
02 Jun 10 Simple Car Projects You Can Do During Lockdown
admin 0 387
Seeing that we are once again in lockdown, perhaps we can take this time to give our vehicles some TLC. Here are a couple of project ideas that we thought of.  We purposely selected projects that requ..
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