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29 Apr PIAA Automotive Sports Horn for Cars, Bikes and vehicles running 12V
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Car horns. Love it or hate it, is undeniably an important part of our vehicle. It has also become part of the soundscape of many large and busy cities. Originally created for safety reasons, its usage..
13 Dec Buyer Guide : Wipers - Choosing suitable wipers
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  Wipers are probably one of the most crucial yet often overlooked replacement part on vehicles. It's been around pretty much since the invention of automobiles and will probably be around for year..
20 Apr 6 Tips for Buying and Caring for Your Car Wipers
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  1. Use a measuring tape to get the length of the driver side's wiper and passenger side's wiper.   2. Japanese, Korean and Malaysian car models generally uses the u-hook wipers which are widely..
16 Nov Save on wipers by getting the PIAA Silicone Wiper Refills
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Find out your vehicle's wiper measurement:   Fits all PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blade assemblies. Ma..
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