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Brand: Philips
Philips 12972PRC1 H7 Premium Vision 12V 55W PX26d Single Filament Head Lamp Halogen Bulb     Philips bulbs illuminate the road and provide power,brilliance and precision.By incorporating lighting technology they lead the way in state of the art technology, and are enviromentally friendly. All philli..
PIAA H-136 2500K H7 Plasma Ion Yellow Halogen Light Bulbs 12V 55W Twin Pack
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Brand: PIAA
The PIAA Plasma Ion Yellow produces an amber/yellow light using patented ion crystal technology. Less reflective than white, this light reduces the amount of glare in extreme fog and improves visibility in inclement weather. It is designed with a high-quality heat-resistant tube.   ..
Brand: PIAA
PIAA Hyper Arros Halogen Light Bulb replacement are perfect for road use as the allow up to 120% more light appearence than conventional bulbs. PIAA believes that "Power is Nothing without Vision" and we agree. Being able to see where you are headed is top priority. Furthermore, these bulbs are ECE ..
Brand: PIAA
FeaturesIntense 5000K colour temperatureVivid white light colourIncludes both Maximum Performance and Styling bulb features120% more light than standard halogenClose styling match to xenon-HID10cm black PIAA logo sticker includedManufactured in Japan and Korea1 Year Manufacturer WarrantySpecificatio..
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