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06 Jun Mazda CX-5 Pioneer Head Unit Replacement and add Alpine Monoblock with JL Audio Subwoofer
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Our returning customer came back to us with a car he just bought. He already has some audio goodies from his previous car and wanted to get it installed in this car instead of letting it go to waste ..
21 May Toyota Harrier / Blaupunkt DAKOTA BP800PLAY with wired Android Auto & Apple CarPlay
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This time around we get a JDM Toyota Harrier coming to us for a head unit install. This is a returning customer which is always a nice thing to us.This car has the JDM head unit which unfortunately is..
08 May Ford Ranger Wildtrak / Blaupunkt DSP / Kenwood Speakers & Active Subbwoofer / 4-Door Soundproofing
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The owner of this Ford Ranger Wildtrak popped by our shop and requested for some advise on improving his in-car audio experience. His needs was pretty simple. He wanted his audio to be better than st..
13 Apr Toyota GR86  / Teyes CC3 2K, AHD Reversing Camera and DDPAI Mola N3 Pro Dash Cam
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After our short break, we restart our operations with the install on this new Toyota GR86. This car came empty, without a stereo head unit. Choice of head unit is the Teyes CC3 2K Android. Its not a h..
06 Apr BMW E36 / Sony DSX-GS80 Single DIN Head Unit
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This time around we installed a simple but very nice single DIN head unit into the BMW E36.This Sony DSX-GS80 is a superb single DIN head unit capable of 45W x 4 (RMS). This is higher than most typica..
28 Mar Toyota C-HR Teyes CC3 2K Android head unit installed / Factory Reversing Camera retained
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The Toyota C-HR is an excellent candidate for installing a large screen Android head unit due to the design of the monitor. The Android dash kit almost looks factory when installed. The larger screen ..
08 Mar Proton Saga 2022 / Teyes CC3 2K Android / Factory Reverse Camera Retained
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The recent models of Proton Saga has been a challenge to us installers. No matter which way you go, something needs to be modified. For example if you install the floating type display units, you wil..
02 Mar Perodua Myvi G3 / Kenwood DMX7522S Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto head unit
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For those who want to upgrade their Perodua Myvi G3 head unit but want to keep things looking rather stock, then the best option is to go for something like this Kenwood DMX7522S. Given that the Myvi ..
23 Feb Honda CR-V G3 / Teyes CC 2K & Teyes AHD AHD camera installed
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The 9" Android is an excellent choice for an upgrade for the G3 Honda CR-V. The large screen size fills the dash space quite nicely, to the point it almost looks factory stock.As usual, we always advi..
06 Feb Suzuki Swift Teyes CC3 2K AHD Reverse Camera installed
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This Suzuki Swift is from a returning customer. After selling off another car which had the Teyes CC3 installed, this customer decided to come back for the newer Teyes CC3 2K for the Swift. He and his..
31 Jan Hyundai IONIQ / Teyes CC3 2K Android Head Unit installed / Factory Reverse Camera Retained
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Another Teyes CC3 install brought to you by Fasmoto! This time its the Hyundai IONIQ. The factory head unit on this Hyundai Ioniq has started acting up after a few years so the customer decided to hav..
08 Jan Perodua Ativa Teyes CC3 2k Android head unit and AHD Reverse Camera
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Another Ativa chooses to get the Teyes CC3 installed. It seems people are getting to know how good the Teyes CC3 are. Not cheap, but worth the investment if you want excellent performance and reliabi..
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