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11 Jun Perodua Bezza 2020 Teyes CC3 Android Head Unit install
admin 0 44
Installed the Teyes CC3 into the Perodua Bezza 2020. This install was challenging in terms of the dash kit needed. We had to go through 3 dash kits to finally end up with the one that fits the best. I..
08 Jun Perodua Myvi 1st Gen Kenwood DMX8020S, Alpine S-Series Speakers, Pioneer TS-WX130DA Active Subwoofer
admin 0 34
Freshened up this Perodua Myvi with some audio upgrades.The Kenwood DMX8020S add so much usability to the stereo system now. Waze, Spotify, Messaging can all now be accessed via Apple Carplay and Andr..
28 May Perodua Ativa LED replacement, PIAA horn and Rubber seals install
admin 0 75
Customer brought his brand new Perodua Ativa for some minor upgrades. He wanted to replace the interior and number plate LED to whiter and brighter LED. He also decided to get the PIAA horn installe..
27 May Nissan Navara NP300 TEYES CC3 Android Head Unit install | Stereo Removal
admin 0 103
Customer came to upgrade from older model Kenwood DDX616WBT. We managed to retain the front and rear parking cameras and also get the steering wheel controls to work. ..
24 May Toyota Estima Kenwood DMX9720XS, Pioneer A-Series Speakers and the TS-WX400DA active subwoofer
admin 0 96
Our regular customer brought in his new Toyota Estima to get the audio system upgraded. He picked the Kenwood DMX9720XS himself, which in hindsight is a very good choice. The performance of this head..
22 May Perodua Myvi ICON Teyes CC2L, Alpine S-Series Speakers, Pioneer TS-WX400DA and Rubber Seals install
admin 0 79
This Perodua Myvi ICON belongs to an expat who has been living in Malaysia for a very long time. He bought this car brand new and now after a few years decided to freshen it up by improving the audio ..
11 May Perodua Ativa Pioneer DMH-ZF9350BT, A-Series Speakers, Rubber Seals & Sound Dampening install
admin 0 84
Back with another install. So glad to have a chance to work on the new Perodua Ativa head unit replacement. Choice of head unit is the high-end Pioneer DMH-Z9350BT single DIN floating 9" screen head u..
06 May Hyundai Elantra Teyes CC2L install | Head Unit Removal
admin 0 55
This Hyundai Elantra belonged to an expat who was looking to get his head unit replaced as it was no longer working. After some consideration, he decided on the Teyes CC2L which he felt was enough for..
29 Apr Volkswagen Sharan Kenwood DMX8020S Blaupunkt RC TY1.0 | VW Sharan Radio Removal
0 44
Installed the Kenwood DMX8020S into the VW Sharan recently. Customer wanted something that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Do take note if you are planning to do this, you will lose the mov..
20 Apr Teyes CC3 Demo in Danny's Toyota C-HR | Fasmoto x Teyes Malaysia
admin 0 56
Once again we are thankful to have Danny from Teyes Malaysia run us through the features of the Teyes CC3. In this video you will see him run through some of the main features and differences between ..
14 Apr Proton Exora Kenwood DDX9019S | Exora Radio Removal
0 42
This customer came to us to upgrade his radio from a lower spec one. He picked the Kenwood flagship DDX9019S as he wanted a lot of the higher-end features this unit is equipped with. His car already h..
05 Apr Volkswagen Jetta TEYES CC3 Android Head Unit Install
admin 0 39
This VW Jetta came to us to upgrade to a higher spec android head unit. He chose the TEYES CC3 6+128 model as he wanted the highest performing unit available. Thankfully the install for this VW Jetta ..
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