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Surface Preparation

Brand: Autoglym
"Autoglym AIR500 Active Insect Removerto clean insects off car paintworkActive Insect Remover safely breaks down and removes insect remainsfrom paintwork, glass, number plates and lights. Insect remains spoilthe look of your car and can cause damage to the paintwork.Active Insect Remover is a simple..
Brand: Autoglym
Autoglym ITR325 Intensive Tar Remover dissolves tar and paintwork and plastics During warm weather the road surface can disintegrate and small specks of tar are flicked onto your bodywork. These spots show up especially well on light coloured cars and can ruin otherwise perfect paint. It can be..
Brand: Autoglym
"Autoglym PR325 Paint Renovatorfor rapid cutting and polishing actionPaint Renovator is for use on scratches, scuffs, heavily oxidised orfaded paintwork.If you have a scratch or paintwork blemish, wash and apply Super ResinPolish firmly to restore the area. If this does not repair the areasufficient..
Brand: Autoglym
Everything you need to remove scratches from paintwork.No matter how careful you are, scratches and swirls will occur. If they are too deep to remove with Super Resin Polish, a new approach is required, and that is where the Scratch Removal Complete Kit comes in. Scratch Remover has been carefully b..
Brand: Autoglym
Autoglym VPCLAYKIT Surface Detailing Clay Kit remove surface contaminants The Surface Detailing Clay Kit removes all bonded contaminants from your paintwork allowing for a deeper, more durable shine and is an essential step if you are serious about paintwork preparation. Some paintwork problems ..
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