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08 Jun Perodua Axia / Sony XAV-AX3200 with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto / JBL Stage 3 Speakers
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If you're in the market for a mid range audio upgrade, this setup could be just what you need. The choice of Apple CarPlay enabled head unit is the Sony XAV-AX3200 entry model. The speakers we ended u..
01 Feb Honda Civic Type R FN2R / Kenwood DMX8521S / JBL Stage 2 speakers
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This install was done for one of our very regular customer. Initially, the car that was supposed to come was the Mini Cooper. However, before it could make it to our shop, the owner was facing some tr..
23 Feb Proton Preve JBL Stage 3 607C and Teyes AHD front camera installed
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Do you know that the Teyes CC3 natively supports a front parking camera? Check out our install on this Proton Preve. We also upgraded the front speakers to the JBL Stage 3 607C Component Speakers. Now..
17 Oct Custom 8
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  Our long time customer, Mr. Tony dropped by asking us if we could make a custom subwoofer for him. Reason being that his current tube subwoofer, while not that big, was taking up some needed sp..
15 Oct Unboxing the JBL Stage 810 8
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