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Nissan Almera N17 Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT Head Unit Install

Posted by admin 08/10/2019 0 Comment(s) Audio & Video,Installation,



Installation of the Pioneer into the Nissan Almera N17 is pretty straightforward as the factory head unit is a standard 2 DIN size. The only additional accessories needed were the head unit harness adapter and antenna adapter. Check out some of the photos taken during the install.


The Nissan Almera N17

Nissan Almera N17


The Nissan Almera N17 factory head unit

The factory stereo head unit


The Nissan Almera N17 factory head unit


Working on removing the factory head unit


The factory antenna adapter

Nissan radio antenna harness


The factory stereo harness adapter

Nissan Stereo harness


Lining up the stereo to check for mounting position

Getting the Pioneer in line with the factory stereo to identify the bracket position


Nissan Almera N17 Beauty Shot


Getting on with wiring up the harness

Getting the wiring done so that we can just plug in the head unit


Getting on with wiring up the harness

That's it, jobs done! The Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT installation complete. Time for some beers.

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