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JBL BassPro SL Active Class D Under Seat Subwoofer 125W with Bass Remote Control

Big bass boost from a compact woofer enclosureThe BassPro SL powered woofer fits..

RM1,869.00 Ex Tax: RM1,869.00

JBL Club 4020 4" 2-Way 30W/90W 3 ohm Plus One Woofer-cone Car Speaker

Big bass boost from a compact woofer enclosureThe BassPro SL powered woofer fits..

RM399.00 Ex Tax: RM399.00

JBL Club 6500c 6.5" Component Speaker System 60W/180W 3 ohm Plus One Woofer Cone

SpecificationsSpeaker Size: 6.5"Type: 2-Way Component Speaker SystemPeak Power: ..

RM769.00 Ex Tax: RM769.00

JBL Club 6520 Speakers 6.5" Coaxial Car Speakers 50W RMS

Description 6-1/2" (160mm) coaxial car speaker Power Handling: 50W RMS, ..

RM479.00 Ex Tax: RM479.00

JBL Club 9600c 6"x 9" Component Speaker System 90W/270W 3 ohm Plus One Woofer

SpecificationsSpeaker Size: 6" x 9"Type: Component Speaker SystemPeak Power: 270..

RM929.00 Ex Tax: RM929.00

JBL Club 9630 6" x 9" 3-Way 80W/240W 3 ohm Plus One Woofer-cone Car Speaker

SpecificationsType: 3-Way CoaxialPeak Power: 240WRMS Power: 80WSpeaker Size: 6" ..

RM669.00 Ex Tax: RM669.00

JBL CS742 4" (10cm) 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers 30W RMS

Audio SpecificationsFrequency Response: 75Hz – 20kHzSensitivity: 90dBPower Handl..

RM289.00 Ex Tax: RM289.00

JBL CS752 5.25" (13cm) 2-way Coaxial Car Speakers 35W RMS

General SpecificationsType: 5-1/4" coaxial car audio loudspeakerPeak power handl..

RM299.00 Ex Tax: RM299.00

JBL CS760C 6.5" Component Car Speakers 50W RMS

Audio SpecificationsType: 6-1/2" component car audio loudspeaker systemPeak powe..

RM549.00 Ex Tax: RM549.00

JBL CS762 6.5" (16.5cm) 2-way Coaxial Car Speakers 45W RMS

SpecificationsType: 6-1/2" coaxial car audio loudspeakerPeak power handling: 135..

RM329.00 Ex Tax: RM329.00

JBL CS763 6.5" 3-Way Coaxial Car Speakers 45W RMS

Type: 6-1/2” three-way car audio loudspeakerPeak power handling: 135WContinous P..

RM369.00 Ex Tax: RM369.00

JBL CS769 6" x 9" 3-Way Car Speakers 70W RMS

Audio SpecificationsType: 6” x 9” three-way car audio loudspeakerNominal Impedan..

RM529.00 Ex Tax: RM529.00

JBL GTO19T 2-Way 19mm 3 ohms 45W/135W Component Tweeter

General SpecificationsSize: 3/4" (19mm)Type: Two-WayAudio SpecificationsPower Ha..

RM449.00 Ex Tax: RM449.00

JBL GTO429 4" 3-Way Car Speaker 50W/105W 3 ohms Plus One Woofer Cone

General SpecificationsSize: 4"Type: Three-Way CoaxialAudio SpecificationsPower H..

RM679.00 Ex Tax: RM679.00

JBL GTO609C 2-Way Component 200W/270W 3 Ohm Plus One Woofer-Cone Car Speaker

General SpecificationsSize: 6.5"Type: Two-Way Component SystemAudio Specificatio..

RM1,049.00 Ex Tax: RM1,049.00

JBL GTO939 6"x9" 3-Way Car Speaker 100W/300W 3 ohms

General SpecificationsSize: 6.5"Type: Two-Way CoaxialAudio SpecificationsPower H..

RM1,269.00 Ex Tax: RM1,269.00

JBL GX302 3.5" (8.7cm) 2-way Coaxial Car Speakers 25W RMS

Audio SpecificationsFrequency Response: 90Hz – 21kHzNominal Impedance: 2.3 ohmsP..

RM369.00 Ex Tax: RM369.00

JBL Stadium GTO 620 6.5" (160mm) 2-Way Multi-Element 75W/225W Car Speaker

SpecificationsPower Handling: 75Wrms, 225W peakSensitivity (@ 2.83V): 95dBFreque..

RM1,128.00 Ex Tax: RM1,128.00

JBL Stage 600C 6.5" 2 Way Component Speakers 50W RMS

Frequency Response: 50Hz – 20kHzImpedance (ohms): 4 ohmsSensitivity (@ 2.83V): 9..

RM469.00 Ex Tax: RM469.00

JBL Stage 602 6.5" 2 Way Coaxial Speakers 45W RMS

6-1/2" (165mm) Coaxial Car Speaker Continuous Power Handling: 45 Watts Peak Powe..

RM289.00 Ex Tax: RM289.00

JBL Stage 9603 6 x 9 inch 3 Way Speakers 70W RMS

Impedance (ohms): 4 ohmsFrequency Response: 45Hz – 20kHzPower Handling: 70W RMS,..

RM429.00 Ex Tax: RM429.00

JBL Stage A9004 Amplifier 90W x 4 Channel

General SpecificationsPower Output: 90Wx4@4ohmsFrequency Response: 20-20kHz±1dBT..

RM959.00 Ex Tax: RM959.00

JBL Stage Amplifier A6004 60W x 4

General SpecificationsOperating voltage: 9 – 16VRMS power @ 4 ohms: 60WRMS power..

RM829.00 Ex Tax: RM829.00


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