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Detailux Applicator Pad for Polish and Wax Application (Pack of 2)

Detailux's Applicator Pad is made of high-density polyurethane and is perfect to..

RM5.80 Ex Tax: RM5.80

Detailux Nano Sponge for Interior Cleaning - Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Leather & Steel Surfaces (Pack of 2)

Detailux's Nano Sponge is very effective in picking up dirt from all kinds of su..

RM4.50 Ex Tax: RM4.50

Detailux Super Absorbent Water Magnet

Detailux's Water Magnet is made of high density microfiber which gives it a very..

RM29.50 Ex Tax: RM29.50

Detailux Wash Mitt for Car Wash

Detailux's Wash Mitt is made of super soft chenille fabric that protects your bo..

RM15.90 Ex Tax: RM15.90


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