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28 May Perodua Ativa LED replacement, PIAA horn and Rubber seals install
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Customer brought his brand new Perodua Ativa for some minor upgrades. He wanted to replace the interior and number plate LED to whiter and brighter LED. He also decided to get the PIAA horn installe..
29 Apr PIAA Automotive Sports Horn for Cars, Bikes and vehicles running 12V
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Car horns. Love it or hate it, is undeniably an important part of our vehicle. It has also become part of the soundscape of many large and busy cities. Originally created for safety reasons, its usage..
27 May PIAA Twin Horn Install into Perodua Alza
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Do you feel inadequate whenever you honk your car horns? You are not alone, there are many cars that that come out of the factory with lethargic sounding horns. You would be lucky if anyone even notic..
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