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Trying out Chamberlain's Leather Milk Auto Refreshener Formula No.4

Posted by admin 30/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Car Care & Maintenance,


Trying out Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Auto Refreshener Formula No.4



What shall I test this on?


When the first Chamberlain’s Leather Milk sample arrived, I got excited and wanted to try it out immediately. But seeing that my car has fabric seats, I had to look around for something I could try it on. I was fortunate that I had an old leather card-holder laying around. Here is what it looked like at the time.



My old card-holder front



My old card-holder back



My old card-holder inside



My Neglected Leather Card Holder


The condition of my card-holder was by no means horrible to be fair. However, I knew it was not in the best condition it could be since I had given zero care to it. It felt dusty to the touch which at first I thought was just dust, but later found it to be pieces of the leather itself flaking off. Most obvious was that the color was lackluster and it also felt very stiff.



Everything ready



Details, Details...


The first thing I did was admire the bottle and the label again. Man do I love the design. Classic, vintage, call it what you want. I then proceeded to read the label for directions.


On the label, it says, “ Auto Refreshener Formula No.4 is a natural, water-based melange of vital emollients, nutrients and powerful UV protectants. Gentle and pleasantly scented, Formula No. 4 is perfect for cleaning, conditioning and preserving your car’s leather interior.


Now, I know that my card-holder doesn’t really need UV protection as it hardly sees the sky. What can I say, I am so eager to try it out that I figured no harm can be done here right.  So I proceeded.


Next part on the label says, “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Do not use on Suede or suede-like finishes. Light-colored or highly absorbent leathers may darken with this treatment. Test in a discreet area before using. Keep out of reach of children.


Ok, agreed, and I think my card-holder is fine, so on we go.


Step 1. Remove excess dirt & debris with damp cloth.


Step 2. Apply Auto Refreshener Formula No. 4 to a lint-free cloth or pad. Gently massage into leather surface. Buff after brief drying time.


That’s pretty much how you use it.


Here we go


Getting pretty dark, should I worry


Getting Started

After cleaning the card-holder and letting it dry, I started applying a small amount of the formula No. 4. First thing I noticed was that the color of the lotion is not brown, but rather an off-white creamy color. It gives off a mild coconut-ty scent, which I personally found quite pleasant.


Yay, all done


Yay, all done



Moment of Truth


Done. The entire process took about 5 minutes. Upon completion, the first thing I noticed is that the leather felt softer and the color was also darker. So left it on my desk and came back to it a couple of hours later to find that it had lightened up a little and was looking wonderful. The card-holder no longer had that stiff feeling. Very pleased with the results.



Yay, all done




Yay, all done



Yay, all done

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