After our short break, we restart our operations with the install on this new Toyota GR86. This car came empty, without a stereo head unit. Choice of head unit is the Teyes CC3 2K Android. Its not a hard decision to make as the fit for these units looks like it came out of the factory.

Installation for the GR86 is pretty straight forward, however, we did have to add a pin the the Android socket to connect the amplifier turn on signal. Without this the door speakers will not work. So make sure to check if your car has and amplifier in the trunk.

Besides the head unit, we also installed the super clear Teyes AHD rear camera. Unfortunately we are not able to install this camera in the stock location due to the design of the unit. Alternatively we installed it near the license plate area. View is not an issue as this camera has a pretty wide angle and you will see a lot of the rear. Night time view is also pretty amazing on the Teyes AHD camera.

Given that this car did not have a dash cam yet, the owner opted for our best-selling DDPAI Mola N3 Pro. This is an excellent dash cam given its price. You get dual channel recording, 2K resolution, Super-Capacitor type power, GPS logging and the App is still the most user-friendly in the market. What more can we say?