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Mugen Honda Integra Type-R DC5 Pioneer Speakers Install

Posted by admin 24/05/2019 0 Comment(s) Installation,

The legendary Mugen Integra Type-R DC5. What a beast! Thanks to Ahmad for letting us replace the speakers on his very clean Type-R. Check out his ride.


Mugen Integra Type-R DC5 Front shot


Shortof the tail end of the Type-R


And we couldn't resist more additional shots as we kept noticing more sexy details.


The tail lights still look amazing today


Side shot of the DC5 Type-R Integra



The interior on Ahmad's ride is equally impressive. So clean.


Heart of the Beast


The red though...


Details details


Even that still looks nice


Ok, time to get to work now. For the front, the door card needs to be removed to get to the speakers. Being a 2 door car, the front doors are a little larger than 4 door sedans. And we made sure to be very careful as with all our customers car. But this one would be particularly hard to replace should anything go wrong.


The original speakers have this nice blue color. However, the sound is terrible as it has aged and can no longer produce clean sounds. hence the need to replace it.


The rear speakers are rather easy as you can just pop the speaker cover open to access the speakers.


The back side of the factory speakers. 


Ahmad chose the Pioneer TS-G1620F mainly because he does not run amps, plus he wanted to match his single DIN Pioneer. We recommended components for the front, but he wanted to keep it simple this time around, so we obliged.


We used the new Honda speaker adapters as we did not have the older Honda speaker adapters. Some modifications were required to the adapters to get it to fit.


Here is what the Pioneer looks like fitted.


Time to get to work on the rear speakers.


For the rear, modifications to the speaker basket itself was required to snugly fit the factory space.


Couple of screws and jobs done!


Another shot of this rare machine.


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