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Ken Block going wild in the Streets of L.A.

Posted by admin 16/07/2015 0 Comment(s) Videos,

Ken Block going wild in the strets of Los Angeles


Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the wild ride.



First off, I must say what an amazingly good looking car that Mustang is. It's Ken Blocks '65 "Hoonicorn" Mustang. It's an AWD beast and boasts 845hp. At the heart of it is a fire-breathing, earth-shattering, panty-dropping, 410 cubic inch Roush Yates Ford V8. Check out Chris Harris's video to find out more about the Mustang.


Ken starts off the video with the car strapped at the back while spinning all 4 wheels. The shot of the Mustang from the sides with all wheels spinning at slow-motion is brilliant. I just love the flared wheel arches and the stance of the Mustang. What more when the car starts to slide left and right with smoke blasting out to all corners, it really feels like a chained beast waiting to charge.


Ken presses the release button, and the Mustang is unleashed upon the streets of L.A., Ken proceeds to do what he does best. He races around some very familiar looking locations that I've seen in movies. There are simply amazing shots of Ken drifting, sliding and speeding around town. There's even a shot of him doing donuts around a donut shop.


Another shot that really made me sit up straight was the one where he was doing donuts around a lowrider that was bouncing off the front wheels. How on earth did they time that so perfectly? Was any lowrider's hurt in the filming of that?


Lastly, I must say I'm impressed that in America, they always seem to be able to clear up cities for a shoot. You hardly see anyone in this video, other than Ken and the lowrider dude who flinched.



Ken Block's "Hoonicorn" '65 Mustang

Ken Block's "Hoonicorn" '65 Mustang

Ken Block's "Hoonicorn" '65 Mustang

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