Our returning customer came back to us to install a head unit for his Uncle's Honda Jazz.

What he wanted was a decent Apple CarPlay / Android Auto head unit that wouldn't blow the bank. A reverse camera was added since the new unit will have a screen and camera inputs anyway.

We ended up with the brand new Blaupunkt Santa Marta 800 as the unit of choice. This head unit is Blaupunkt's entry level Apple CarPlay / Android Auto (wired via USB) head unit. It features a 7" Capacitive touch screen and also a higher resolution screen.

The fit on the Honda Jazz was way better than what we expected. The screen panel size of the Santa Marta 800 sits nicely and flushed. Definitely a consideration to make when choosing a head unit for your car. Steering Wheel Controls was not an issue as it can be easily retained by wiring it up correctly.

The customer also opted for the higher quality Made in Taiwan dash kit as fitment was also an important factor in his consideration.