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Android Auto Wireless on the Kenwood DDX919WS?

Posted by admin 23/09/2020 0 Comment(s) Installation,



We were glad to have Leroy drop by with his Perodua Myvi AV 3rd Gen to install the Kenwood DDX919WS. Thing is, I personally am not that smartphone savvy, so having a customer with great knowledge on smartphones really helped me learn a thing or two.


We tested out the Android Auto wirelessly and were happy to get it to work although it did take some figuring out. Kenwood does not advertise this fact and we totally understand why. The reason why we could do this is because Leroy had signed up for Google Services beta. Word on the street is that Android 11 will come with wireless Android Auto built in, so devices which support wireless connections may be able to support this feature in the future.


As for usability, the feedback we got from Leroy after using it for some time is that it's not that stable at the moment. Using it wired is still better for now. Hence my yes and no answer, yes it works, but no its not ideal.


Let's hope when Android 11 launches, this feature will be widely available and stable.


Does Android Auto work wirelessly on the DDX919WS

Does Android Auto work wirelessly on the DDX919WS

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