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Alpine UTE-73EBT installed in a 1st Gen BMW X3

Posted by admin 18/07/2019 0 Comment(s) Installation,

Last time Tony came to us and got the Alpine Halo 9 installed in his Mitsubishi GTO. This time around, he was looking to get something for his 1st Generation BMW X3. He had an alpine single din installed previously which unfortunately reached its end of life. So Tony was contemplating a touchscreen for the install this time. After considering the fact that any screens would be blocking his AC vent, and also the fact he had bought an Alpine to BMW steering wheel control interface before, he decided to stick to good old Alpine to keep the install straight forward and not have to deal with any incompatibility issues. 


Tony's good old work horse the 1st Generation BMW X3


Rear view of the BMW X3


The stock standard head unit


A closer look at the stock standard BMW X3 head unit


After his previous Alpine had failed, Tony reinstalled the factory head unit while in search for the replacement.


The harness from his previous install


The harness from his previous installed played a role in Tony making the decision to stick to Alpine. 


The Alpine UTE-73EBT Mech-less single din head unit


The Alpine UTE-73EBT


As usual, test fitting the unit is always a Priority to ensure there are no surprises further down the installation


Ah Kit engossed in wiring work


Ah Kit engossed in wiring work


Fitment of the Alpine UTE-73EBT


The steering wheel control interface from his previous install


The Steering Wheel Control Interface from his previous install.


Harness in place, time to get the brackets in.


And plug the head unit in.


Alpine UTE-73EBT Installed and switched on. Lovely.


This is what the Alpine UTE-73EBT looks like switched off.


Alpine UTE-73EBT install in the BMW X3 1st Gen complete



To find out more on the Alpine UTE-73EBT kindly click here.

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